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AMO ON Topic

Dec 19, 2018

AMO President Jamie McGarvey gives listeners a primer on the Association, including advocacy work related to cannabis and double hatter firefighters, services offered to municipal governments, and the annual Conference. 


Jul 31, 2018

From energy planning and road assessment tools to the One Investment Program, LAS helps its municipal customers save money, make money and solve capacity. Judy Dezell, Director of Business Partnerships and LAS, discusses how the organization's programs and services can benefit your community. 


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Jun 1, 2018

John McGrath, reporter and digital media producer for TVO, discusses the provincial election, how reporters are working the municipal angle, and the impact of the loss of news on in-depth media coverage. 

Also featuring a discussion with Brian Rosborough, the new Director of AMO's Membership Centre. 

May 1, 2018

We sit down with AMO's President, Lynn Dollin, to talk about the upcoming provincial election, including a discussion about how AMO builds consensus and policy positions and exactly how your provincial vote can impact your local government. Bonus: advice for those thinking about running for municipal office. 


Mar 15, 2018

In this inaugural episode of the AMO's podcast, we hear from municipal leaders at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association Conference about their priorities heading into the June provincial election and how AMO is working hard to make sure that municipal needs --especially related to our financial future -- are top...